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Superintendent's Message

Mr. Charles Rinkes, Superintendent

Superintendent Message for Website


Dear River View Local School District:


As we prepare for the final grading period of 2023-2024, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding with our district through this year of transition.  This year has been like no other in the history of River View Local Schools.  With the closing of neighborhood elementary schools, we now exist in a grade level configuration like our neighboring districts.

The transition to the three schools has been very positive.  Both staff and students are adjusting to the new configuration.  Overall, the transition has gone very smoothly. Know that the district is working on the arrival and dismissal times of our buildings.  We will be announcing a change of times by the end of this school year.

By reducing our footprint, the district has been able to save on both personnel and maintenance costs. For years we have not been able to upgrade our existing buildings.  Between the ESSER/ARP monies from the federal government and the savings we have accumulated, the district has been able to complete or plan a number of improvements. Along with that, we have also been able to bring back art in the elementary, intermediate and in grades 7-8.  We recently announced the addition of a second agricultural teacher for our FFA Program.

Throughout the year the district has been able to provide communication with you, our public.  You should be informed about what is going on with your public schools.  Between the Paw Print in the Beacon four times a year, “Coffee With Chuck” meetings each month at various places in our district and the” 5 Minutes with the Black Bears” on WTNS each month, we are able to share information about our district.  We are committed to transparency at River View Local Schools.

Finally, we have been busy writing several grants that have the potential to change our district for the better.  Three separate grants to help transform: our high school auditorium, high school building and intermediate building have been written and delivered to the Ohio Senate.  These three grants could allow us to build onto RVHS and RVIS and effectively reduce RVES.  As one looks at our current three building configuration, this is only a temporary solution to our facilities issues.  These three grants, if the money is allotted, could transform our district into a two building configuration with new infrastructure and would keep the district thriving over the next several decades.  We are very excited about the possibility and optimistic that the money we are asking for will be granted.  As a district that has suffered several levy and bond issue defeats, this grant money would propel us into the new” River View" we see in our future.

Have a great rest of the school year and as always GO BEARS!