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Final Forms FAQs

1. What is FinalForms

FinalForms is an online form management system. Items like Emergency Medical Forms, Acceptable Use Policies, Handbook Sign-offs, and other paper copies that were typically sent home at the beginning of a year will be done online using FinalForms.

2. Why is RVLSD using FinalForms?

RVLSD has partnered with FinalForms to create a registration process for parents/guardians that is user-friendly and more efficient. We know that the first year of this process will be cumbersome for some parents/guardians. Our hope is that in the future, this platform will allow yearly forms to be more efficient for our district's parents/guardians.

3. What is the URL for the website?  

4. Tell me more about the process.

.Here is a “parent playbook” that gives step-by-step directions. 

5. I have multiple students in the district and not all of them show up when I log in. What should I do?

Click here to fill out the form, and all your students will be connected to your email within 24 hours. Once your student has been linked to you, after you submit your email to us in the above link, you will need to log back into your account, and your “missing” student should appear.

6. I didn’t get an email from FinalForms to confirm my account. What should I do?

We don’t have an email on file for you, or the one we have is not working currently. Click here to fill out a survey that will provide us your email. We will connect it to your student(s) within 24 hours and you will get a registration email from FinalForms.

7. What grades are using FinalForms?

Grades K-12. We hope to have parents/guardians complete the forms beginning with the 2023-2034 school year.  Currently, the platform is only open to new Kindergarten students.

8. Will athletic forms be available for completion on FinalForms?

Yes, if a parent indicates their student is an athlete, the necessary forms will be available for signatures. Students will have the ability to sign forms electronically, also.

9. My student is unsure if they will be playing in any sports or be in any clubs for the year. What should we do?

That can be added later. Feel free not to check any box at this time.

10. How will students sign forms electronically?

Parents/guardians will identify what grade level their students are in. If student forms are assigned to those levels, those students will be able to log into FinalForms. Students needing to sign forms can confirm and log in after their parents/guardians are done with their forms. Students were sent a confirmation email from FinalForms also.

11. Can NEW students to RVLSD use FinalForms?

New student accounts will be created when the student is registered at the school/ New students/parents will not be able to log in until that happens.

13. I can’t figure this out. Who can I contact?

FinalForms has a support button, feel free to use that. All questions for RVLSD parents/guardians/students should contact