Retake Policy


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of our 4th-6th grade retake policy for summative assessments. Summative assessments test a student’s understanding of the concepts after being taught and are the grades that affect a student’s total grade for a class. Below you will find a list of the details of this policy. All 4th-6th grade teachers will be following this same policy.


4th-6th grade Retake Policy

  • When retaking a summative assessment, students will need a retake ticket. A retake ticket explains to the parents that the student is retaking a summative assessment, informs the parents of the student’s grade, and requires a parent signature. The ticket is then returned to the teacher. Retake tickets are a way for the parents to stay informed about the student’s grades. Each teacher will use the same retake ticket form.

  • The date of retakes, and therefore the date by which the retake ticket must be returned signed, will be set by the teacher that gave the summative assessment. The date of the retakes will be within 5 days of the original assessment.

  • Any student receiving a 69% or below will have to retake that summative assessment. If this is the case, the teacher/student will fill out a retake ticket for the student to be signed by the parent and returned.

    • These students will go through a reteaching session before retaking the summative assessment in order to help improve their understanding of the concepts.

  • Any student who receives a 70% or higher will have the option to retake the assignment and must have a retake ticket filled out, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned by the date set by the teacher who gave the summative assessment.

  • If a student is retaking an assessment, whether by choice or if they have to, they must bring the retake ticket back in signed, by the date set by the teacher, in order to retake the assessment.

    • If the student does not bring the retake ticket back signed and they had to retake it due to an original score of 69% or lower, the student will have to call home in order to be sure the parents/guardians know of the student’s original score and that they are retaking it.

    • If the student chose to retake it (70% or higher) and does not bring the retake ticket back in signed on time, then they will not be able to retake the assessment.

  • Students who originally received a 51% or higher will only be able to retake the assessment once, and will receive the higher of the two grades.

  • If a student who originally received a 50% or lower then receives a 50% or lower on their retake, they will be re-taught and re-assessed until they receive a grade higher than a 50%.


If you have any questions at any time, please call your child’s teacher at the school, (740) 622-5884. Thank you!