Mrs. Anglin's Daily Schedule

Regular bell schedule in both Junior High and High School

7:25am-Students arrive in the choir room

7:40am-8:20am 7th Grade Guitar Class  (7th Grade Explo #1)

8:23am-9:03am   7th Grade Choir  (7th Grade Explo #2)

9:05am-9:40am  JH Planning

9:40am-10:20am  8th Grade Choir  (8th Grade Explo #1)

10:23am-11:03am  8th Grade Handbells  (8th Grade Explo #2)

11:03am-11:50am  Lunch

11:50am Transition to the High School

12:15pm-12:57pm  Vocal Technique  (6th period)

1:00pm-1:43pm Chamber Choir  (7th period)

1:45pm-2:30pm  High School planning  (8th Period)