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Mr. Jerry Olinger

Jerry Olinger
Principal ~ River View Junior High School

Hi parents,

It is my hope we have our snow days in the rear view mirror but that is probably a little bit optimistic for this time of year.  As of today, February 6, 2019, we will be needing to make up three days.  Those days will be made up on February 15, 18 and March 15.  Please mark your calendars.


Another thing I'd like to give you a heads up on would be the state assessment testing calendar.  I've posted the dates just in case your child may need to schedule an appointment so that you would consider scheduling away from test days.  We prepare our kids together throughout the year and really like for our students to take the state assessment together as.  Here are the dates we hope you can avoid:

Grade 7:  April 9, 11, 24 & May 1

Grade 8:  April 2, 3, 23, 25, 30 & May 2 (grade 8 has two more test days than does grade 7)


Since I mentioned appointments, I would like to remind you to always bring us an attendance excuse from a professional appointment.  The maximum allotted hours absent for a school year as declared by the state of Ohio is 65.  As we get deeper into the year some students continue to creep closer to that threshold.  Having an excuse from the doctor's office gives us the right to waive that time from the total of 65 hours.


Thank you,

Mr. Olinger



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