School History

Information from River View Local School District Board Office and Golden Memories 1966

During the year of 1959 the Coshocton County School District completed a School Survey Study which, for several reasons, resulted in the desirability of further  school district consolidation in Coshocton County.

The charters of several high schools currently in the western Coshocton County will be revoked as of June 30, 1962.

Therefore all territory now know as the Three Rivers Local, Union Local and Warsaw Local was consolidated to create a new local school district.  A new board was also formed from the previous three district boards.  On January 31, 1962 the new board acted to name this newly formed district River View Local School District.

This new district covers three hundred and sixty-five square miles, stretches some forty miles from west to east, borders five counties, eleven different school districts and consists of one total township in Licking County.

A bond issue for 2.3 mills, generating the amount of $2,228,000 was placed before the voters and passed, in May of 1963 for the purpose of establishing a new high school site and building.  This bond issue will run for twenty-two years.  Property was acquired at the intersection of State Route 36 & 60, east of the village of Warsaw.

Ground was broken for the new high school on June 17, 1964.  The total construction cost was $1,982,000; the remainder of the bond levy was used for permanent fixtures, loose equipment and architectural fees.




The Legend of the River View Bear

by Diane McVey Golden Memories 1967

Once near the meeting of three rivers there was said to live a great bear.  No one really knows where he came from, but they will never forget what he was like.  He was huge, well over twelve feet high with gigantic head and paws.  His coat was long and silky and blackest black.  He always carried his enormous head high with great dignity for he was very proud.  This bear was said to have great strength and courage and was absolutely fearless.  Whenever he was heard in the woods the other animals and the Indians would run and hide.

One day an Indian chief decided to kill the great bear and make his beautiful hide into a tee-pee.  He chose twenty of his best braves and sent them after the bear.  When they found him and  surrounded him he arose on his mighty legs and there was a look of pure hate in his eyes.  Although they fired many arrows at him, nothing could stop him.  He killed five of the Indians and sent the rest running for home.  Twenty of them had not possessed even one tenth as much courage as the bear.  Again and again, braves were sent by the chief but the outcome was always the same.  The great bear was unconquerable.  The Indians were so impressed by his courage and strength that they named their village Coshocton, which means "Black Bear Town".  Even today the Indians sit around their fires and stories are told of the courage of the great "Black One".

If you happen to come across him someday, I'm sure you will recognize him.  There is no mistaking that huge size, enormous paws, and the gigantic head which is the most impressive thing about him.  It is carried with such pride and dignity that you realize immediately that nothing will ever force him to lower it.

Today he stands a symbol, instilling in all those associated with River View High School, the pride and dignity, the courage and strength to perpetuate the legend of the "River View Black Bear".